Refer a Friend Competition

Kfscript give you a chance to win $500 from the referrals competition every month.

2 : invite Referrals

Start sharing your Kfscript referrals link with friends and others.

2 : earn Money

The more people that sign up. the more money you collect from Kfscript.

3 : Win

We will select the top 10 winners with the most referrals in this contest.

List of prizes for winners : $100, $50, $30, $2, $1

Invite friends &
earn money

Really? start sharing with your friends and
climb the leaderboard.

How dose it work ?

  • Just share your Referras link
  • Your Referrals need to activate their account
  • Do not try to create a fake account
  • Cheater will be monitored and excluded from the contest
  • Collect referrals before 03/25/2024
  • Referral Contest
Position Username Total Referrals

Bonus weekly and monthly giveaways

we will also have a daily base surprise.

Cash out the money also you earned from referrals.

The better chance you have of wining

Contest will end after

Contest was expired

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